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My Students will Discover, Connect, Develop, Identify, and Explore...

By creating a safe environment, my students can discover the benefits of a co-learning process. By developing not only their course-specific knowledge but their professional skills, I help students in their long-term career. Professional skills are expected and developed further through active-learning and group work. I care about my students and their future, and I am focused on offering an evidence-based learning experience that fosters their educational needs and future potential.

Courses and Consultation

College of Charleston:

Marketing Concepts (Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022)

Advertising (Spring 2022)

Advanced Social Media Marketing (Summer 2022, Fall 2022)

Texas Tech University:

Integrated Marketing Communication (Fall 2019 4.8/5; Spring 2020 4.7/5; Spring 2021 4.8/5)

Digital Marketing (Fall 2020 4.8/5)

Social Media Independent Study (Spring 2021)

Instructional Development Consultant (Graduate, Fall 2020-Spring 2021)

I really like how she keeps us engaged. She’ll do this by having interactive assignments that requires creativity and collaboration. Not only does it help me learn the concepts better but stay engaged.” IMC Spring 2020 mid-term evaluation

"Professor Anderson was by far one of the best marketing professors I've ever had. The way that she taught was different and very effective, and I retained information way more than other marketing classes I've taken. I truly feel that she cares about her students and wants the best for us. If she was teaching another marketing course next semester, I would definitely take it!" IMC Fall 2019 end-of-term evaluation

“While observing Kelley, I was immediately captivated by her calm, yet authoritative presence in the classroom. Despite that she delivered her lecture with a casual and conversational tone, Kelley had a unique ability to simultaneously command respect from her students while remaining interactive, enthusiastic, and engaging...” IMC Fall 2019 peer observation review

Training and Honors

Jerry S. Rawls Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, TTU (2021)

Helen DeVitt Jones Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award, TTU (2020)

TEACH Fellow, TTU (2019-2020)

Groundwork Program, TTU (Summer 2019)

Practicum in Higher Education for Business, TTU (2018)

Teaching Portfolio

For more details on my Philosophy, Training, Experience, Feedback, and Scholarship in Teaching, please click here.

“I have taken several great courses with tenured faculty members in the Rawls college and I just wanted to let you know your course was by far the most innovative and had the best and most relevant ties back to the industry. Your previous professional experience and insights really gave a clear picture of how these concepts are applied in the business environment today.” IMC Fall 2019 student email

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