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My industry experience has a profound influence on my research and teaching. 

Because my academic research is relevant and timely for practitioners, I have been fortunate to work with and have research supported by organizations such as: 

     Technology Organizations (e.g., Matterport Inc.)

     Real Estate MLS Boards (multiple markets)     

     Large Scale Healthcare System   


I have had the great opportunity to work for amazing companies, bringing the consumer to life and developing impactful strategies. Here are the most recent companies I have had the pleasure to work with:

     Anderson Consumer Consulting (consulting practice)

         clients: Dick's Sporting Goods, Neighborly

     Golfsmith Inc.

           role: Director of CRM and Insights

     Wal-mart Inc. 

          role: Sr. Manager Customer Insights Partner

     Stage Stores

          role: Director of CRM


I also leverage my connections to bring in guest speakers to enrich my students' understanding of marketing and career opportunities. Here are a few of those speakers:

     Amanda Gantan 

           Account Supervisor, Runyon Saltzman, Inc. 

     Vijaya Narambhatla

           Former Sr. Consumer Insights Manager, PepsiCo

     James Rich

           VP, Y2 Analytics           

Photo by Fabio Bracht on Unsplash

"I had the privilege of working with Kelley Anderson at Golfsmith during my tenure as EVP/GMM... We put Kelley in charge of our consumer insights team and we immediately gained a greater understanding of the how, what, where, when, and why our customers shop us and how they wanted to engage with our brands. Kelley came into the golf space knowing nothing and through her sheer force of will and determination became a golf expert. Simply put Kelley is a consummate pro that I would hire in a heartbeat to do market research and drive consumer insights for any business I run. She makes sense of the data and demands action from it, a key skill in today’s business world where data is often too broad, too vague, and not actionable. She is a thoughtful, smart, committed leader and is an asset to any team..." Eli Getson, SVP/GMM, Academy Sports and Outdoors

"Kelley is a seasoned insights professional with a passion for targeted marketing and effective storytelling. I had the pleasure of working with Kelley Anderson at Walmart. After starting Walmart, Kelley quickly became our insights' expert on targeted marketing. Her ability to use CRM data and analytics to effectively plan and execute marketing is outstanding. Kelley’s skills go beyond that of insights analytics. Kelley is a dedicated employee, a hard-worker and a collaborative teammate. She also has a passion for developing people. As a senior manager at Walmart, Kelley setup recurring monthly meetings for manager-level insight team members which resulted in team collaboration and peer mentoring. Her heart for her team and ability to provide actionable insights make Kelley an outstanding addition to any team." Whitney Fortin, Director - Customer Knowledge & Insights at The Coca-Cola Company

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