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New technologies are exciting! My research and insights support Ethical Technology Transformation & Digital Wellness. 

I am a co-founder of [Dis]Connect Collective, where my colleagues (Dr. Ashley Hass and Dr. Breanne Mertz) and I are passionate about reconnecting individuals to the precious resource of time by fostering digital & social media wellness.


  • Keynotes/Talks

  • Interactive Workshops & Events

  • Advising/Consulting Organizations

Email me to learn more! 

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Industry Insights & Consulting

My academic research is relevant and timely for practitioners, thus I also advise and consult with different organizations (such as the Unplug Collaborative, Dicks Sporting Goods, & Neighborly). 


I draw from my 15 years of industry experience prior to earning my doctorate. Where I lead CRM and consumer insights teams at companies such as Wal-mart Inc., Golfsmith Inc, and Stage Stores. 

Connect with me on LinkedIn for more details. 

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